Backfire Zealot S Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

$599.00 USD $799.00 USD
  • Deck: ABS+Glass fiber+maple Composite deck 990*240mm 39*9.5inch
  • Truck: 8-inch 50-degree reverse kingpin Forged CNC
  • Wheels: 96mm*55mm 80A
  • Battery: 50.4V 346Wh, Samsung 40t
  • ESC: Hobbywing 12S 50A FOC
  • Motors: 875W*2 Dual 5255 belt motors
  • Remote: 2.4GHz Oled
  • Weight: 8Kg /19.8lbs
  • Max Load: 120kg/265lbs
  • Top speed: 30mph / 48km/h
  • Range: 30-40km / 19-24miles (80kg rider S mode 30km/h speed flat road)
  • Water resistant: IP65
  • Charging time: 2.5hours

ABS Glass Fiber
Compostie Deck


8inch Hot forging and CNC
precision machining Truck


21700 High Effciency
Battery Cells


96*55mm polyurethane
80A Durometer Wheels


12S 50A FOC


875W*2 Dual
5255 belt motors


LED Ambient Light S


180 Days Warranty


50.4V High Effciency 21700 Battery

The structure of the Zealot battery still utilizes 12S2P, as used in the G3and G3 plus. This kind of battery is 50.4 volts, to explain, the higher thevoltage, the higher the effciency of an electric board.This board also uses 21700 4000mah battery cells. with a single batterycell discharge capacity of 30A. Because it is 2P, the entire batterycluster has a discharge capacity of 60A, which can keep the boardriding at high speeds or hill climbing endurance.

875W*2 Belt Drive Motors

The board also utilise a higher powered motor, upgraded from theoriginal 750W to 875w,increasing the torque by 16%.You can clearly see that the motor size of S is larger.

ABS Glass Fiber Composite Deck

The board deck is also upgraded from a bamboo glass fbercomposite board, to an ABS glass fber composite board deck,which will never break, despite it's amazing flexibility.

8 Inch Forged Truck

96mm Wheel /105mm Cloudwheels

96x55mm PU wheels(80A)

105mm cloudwheels

Need to be purchased separately

The 96 mm wheel is the classic size of a Skateboard, and itcan easily surmount most obstacles without lifting the boardtoo high off the ground. Can also be replaced with 105Cloudwheels(Need to be purchased separately)