Shipping Countries and Shipping Time

NOTE: We are now providing four shipping options, the local, air, sea and train shipping. Due to Brexit, UK orders will no longer be shipped from Germany warehouse, but from China or US warehouse. 

Local Shipping

We have local warehouses in the US, Germany, Canada and Australia, and provide fast shipping for US, Europe, Canada and Australia customers. 

Air Shipping

It usually takes 7-20 business days shipping by air. 

Sea Shipping

It usually takes 30-35 business days shipping by sea. 

  1. Tracking information may not update until the package enter your country's border, so don't be surprised if tracking information doesn't update for a few days.
  2. Tax and import duty will be handled by Backfire, you don't need to pay any extra money or fee unless we mentioned in advance.
  3. Shipping to Canada takes longer than US because there are relatively less flights to Canada.


Train Shipping

It usually takes 40-45 business days shipping by train to Europe.

Update on 08/31/2021