Backfire APP

Backfire Users' Mileage

This function is exclusively for owners of backfire electric boards. If you connect your board to the app, the app will automatically acknowledge your mileage, and add you to a list of backfire users' mileage throughout the world. Is it very interesting & competitive, to see what your ranking is, among Global Backfire users.

Get Credit Every Day

This function is to sign in, then get credit every day. You just need to open the app every day and click here to accumulate one credit. This function can also be used by people without backfire electric skateboards.


The points can be exchanged for various backfire products and vouchers for free.

Search Local Riders

Input the country and region you want to search for, and the registered users will be displayed. You can contact them & go skate together. This function can also be used by people without a backfire electric skateboard.

Connect To YourBoards

You can activate the child safety lock and open this button. The skateboard can only be opened at a maximum speed of 10km/h, which is 6mph. It is suitable for beginners or children. The BACKFIRE option is very safety conscious.