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1. App Email Error

Your email address may not contain a period (.) before the @ symbol. For Gmail users, the period in your username may be omitted.

2. Can't Connect With The Board

Follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure Bluetooth on your phone is turned on and not connected with other devices.
  2. Turn on your Backfire board and remote. They should be within a few feet of each other. Only R2 and later remotes can connect with the app. G2 Black users may purchase an R2 remote to connect with the app.
  3. Double-click the triangle button on the remote. You should see "BLU ON" on the display.
  4. The remote and phone are now pairing.
  5. After pairing is complete, double-click the triangle button again to complete the process.

3. Can't Find The App On Google Play

In Google Play, search for "backfireboards". Select "New Releases" or go to the last page. Or use this link: 

Get it on Google Play