Backfire G3 Electric Skateboard

$449.00 USD $649.00 USD
  • Range: 24-30km / 15-18.5miles (80kg rider S mode 30km/h speed flat road)
  • Speed: 46KM/h / 28.5MPH (Acceleration as fast as belt driven system)
  • Battery: 50.4V 311Wh, Changhong Sunpower Cells (Equivalent to 42V 7.2Ah-7.5Ah)
  • Motors: 450W X2 Ultra-High Power Ultra-High Torque Hub Motors
  • Deck: Flexible Bamboo with Maple
  • Wheels: 96mm Replaceable
  • Trucks: Front & Back CaliberII
  • Lights: LED Ambient Light
  • System: 12S High Voltage and High Efficiency Electronic System with 21700 Battery Cells Output Current=60A
  • Max Load Weight: 110kg / 240lb


Disclaimer: Water Resistant Only, Not Waterproof! Do not ride in wet conditions, water damage is not covered under warranty and a damaged battery could cause fire risk!