Why I choose Backfire?

Our small team have been involved with electric skateboards for a number of years. We have adapted to the ever growing demand for more robust, faster and longer ride times and keep with the latest motors and batteries available all using our tried and tested circuit board and Bluetooth remote.

We pride ourselves on customer service in all of our growing territories, and intend to continue to expand or customer support team to give the best service available.

Our boards and electrical parts are tested in all manor of extreme conditions, so we know your board is made to last using the best and latest technology on the scene. The boards are also designed to be modular, so in the unlikely event of an issue we can quickly ship any part with clear instruction videos on how to replace, meaning your time off the board is kept to a minimum.

We offer 180 days warranty from the purchase and direct contact with our service team should you ever require them.

We provide local shipping service and local customer service in the US and EU.

Backfire has been on the market for a long time so that you can trust the brand is not going to just disappear.

Is my Backfire board waterproof?

Backfire boards is NOT waterproof, but water resistant level rated at IP55.

Riding over small puddles quickly on dry ground will not damage the board, however never submerge the board in the water and stop riding if the conditions lead to standing water on roads or track. Do not ride in the rain or any wet grounds with water which will lead high risk of water damage, and potential damage to bearings and decks in the long term as well.

Safety Warning:  If there was potential risk of water damage to the battery before, please disconnect the battery from the board immediately and stop charging it or use it!  Keep the battery in a dry, and fire resistant place to avoid potential fire risk (such as a sealed bucket outdoor). Don't keep the water damaged battery in door. Do not ship a water damaged battery for service.   A Li-ion battery store and release its electrical energy through electrochemical reactions. When electrical energy is drawn/discharged from the battery, lithium ions move from one electrode to the other. The electrodes are submerged in a liquid called an electrolyte, which allows for the movement of ions and consists of lithium salt and organic solvents. It is these organic solvents which are the leading fire hazard in Li-ion batteries. Furthermore, the positively charged electrode (cathode) in the battery contains oxygen, which may be released if the battery is subjected to specific stresses, e.g., internal short, excessive heat, and more. This means that the Li-ion batteries have all the elements needed to self-sustain a fire. 

How do I store the board?

If you are not planning to use the board for about 2 months or longer, Charge to 50%-60% and charge it once a month. A lithium-ion battery that has been left empty for too long can no longer be charged.
How do I pair the remote with the board?

Check this link:

What kind of braking system do Backfire boards have?

All Backfire boards feature hub motors which has regenerative braking. While traveling downhill and braking, you'll actually get some energy back into the battery, so brake downhill and travel longer.

How much weight can Backfire carry?

Each of our boards has a specific weight but in general the max load is 260 pounds (120kg).

We do recommend a maximum weight of 245 pounds (100kg) and below, for maximum performance as weights above that might have an impact on distance and speed and capabilities on inclines.

Can Backfire be used like a normal skateboard when it's out of power?

Yes, our boards are totally push friendly and will ride like a traditional skateboard when not on the throttle or when there is no battery.

Can the battery be replaced?

The battery can be replaced and our battery life for our boards is 500 deep cycles. After 300-500 full cycles, the battery will still work but would only have approximately 70% power and capacity. New batteries are easy to order and replace. If you need to replace the battery, just order online at our website:

Few tips to maintain the battery longer: 1. do not over charger or leave it on charger overnight. 2. do not leave it empty for long time. 3. better charge it to full when it is low to 10% etc, reduce charging frequency. 4. leave the battery at about 50% or half, not empty or full when you do not use the board for few months for storage. 5. Avoid water. 6. avoid collision or big shocks to the battery. 7. Do not use the unsupported charger, or high current "fast" charger not authorized by Backfire.

What are the recommend ages?

We recommend the user's age to be 14 years and up. Children under 14 years needs to be under the Adult's supervision. Please make sure you always wear a helmet and your personal protective gear just in case. Do not ride the board out of your skills and always care about your surroundings.

Local laws and regulations

Please check your local legal requirement of the electric vehicles and electric skateboards before you buy it and use it, the laws and regulations vary by countries, states or counties.


Where is your warehouse?

We have several warehouses covering most of the world and several support team members in different time zones and using different languages to help with inquiries and after sales customer support and service.

Goods in the EU ship from depo in Hamburg, Germany but sales support and customer service is in Windermere in the UK. Goods in the USA ship from our LA office and they also deal with service and support. Other regions or when the inventory is not in the US or EU, the goods will be shipped from our warehouse in China. Our main manufacturing and development office is in the Shenzhen region of China. 

What is the shipping time?

For more details, please check our shipping instruction page:

How much is shipping?
Please see the shipping fee at the checkout page after you select your country. For some countries the shipping is free and taxes are prepaid, however, some countries require a shipping fee and taxes.
Do I have to pay VAT and import tax to Europe or USA?

No extra tax will be charged for US and EU customers as the board have taxes pre-paid when they enter that territory. (Tax however will be charged for customers in United Kingdom/New Zealand/Norway/Switzerland/South Korea.)

Spare or replacement parts not covered under warranty which are shipped to EU/NZ/AU will need to pay import and VAT at the regional rate.

How soon can I use my tracking status?

Sometimes tracking information may not update until the package enters your country's border, so don't be surprised if your tracking information doesn't update for a few days if you have requested your item ship directly from our offices in China.

Return and Warranty Policy

What is your return policy?

We only accept return within 30 days under the Brand New condition with all accessories in the original package, customer needs to pay for return shipping cost to our closest facility advised by our support team. Company will provide a refund for the Product(s) not including any shipping charges. Follow below steps to return the Product(s) purchased through our Website within seven (7) days of the date that we deliver the applicable Product (s):

  • Contact our Support team ( In China or U.S.) to initiate the return process and obtain authorization to submit the Products for return.
  • Create a shipping label addressed to "Backfire Returns".
  • Pack the Products in the original packaging to ensure the Products will be returned without damage.
  • Once the package is received by us and confirmed in brand new condition, we will issue the refund less the shipping charge in Three (3) business days with an email confirmation.
What is the refund policy?

We do NOT refund once board is shipped except the return as brand new condition within 30 days. Customer has to pay for the return shipping cost. No shipping fee will be refunded.

What is the warranty?
We offer 6 months (180 days) warranty on parts from the date when you receive the board. If a defect arises during the Warranty Period, Company will, at is options:
  1. Send the new parts to replace the defect parts. Most of the parts are fairly easy to be replaced with our design with our YouTube video instructions.
  2. Exchange the affected Products with functionally equivalent Products that are new or formed from new and/or previously used parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability. This warranty excludes normal depletion of consumable parts (grip tape, wheels & bears) unless due to a defect in materials or workmanship, and damage resulting from abuse, accident, modifications, unauthorized repairs, neglect, abuse, water damage, or other causes that are not defects in materials and workmanship.  

Manufacturer's warranty applies exclusively to new complete skateboards purchased from Backfire Skateboards website. Skateboards purchased elsewhere (unauthorized re-seller), used condition, or second hand are NOT covered under our standard warranty. And we do not provide warranty for the spare parts unless they arrive damaged. Backfire Skateboards reserves the final right to explain the details of above policy.

For warranty repairs in United States, here are processes:

  1. Contact our Support team to to provide your order No and detail information of the defectiveness, some photos or a short 15 seconds video will be helpful. A pre-paid return label will be provided to you via email once the case of warranty is confirmed.
  2. Pack the Products in original packaging or mail in a sturdy box to ensure the Products will be returned without damage.
  3. Once the Products are received and fixed, you will receive an email detailing the warranty service along with the return shipment’s tracking number.

Safety Warning

1. Be sure to wear protective gear and a helmet when using this electric skateboard.

2. There are risks of serious or fatal injury from collision, loss of control, and unexpected falls while using this electric skateboard. It is your sole responsibility to learn safely to ride this electric skateboard to reduce the risks: please read our user’s manual carefully and learn how to turn, accelerate and brake this electric skateboard. Backfire recommends you start with the beginner’s (low speed) mode first before using the sports (high speed) mode. Please use this electric skateboard reasonably within the control of your own abilities. Do not use this electric skateboard on dangerous road sections or big downhills. Do not use this electric skateboard at night or poor visibility environment to avoid accidents. Backfire will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the user in accidents.

3. Children under 14 years old must use this electric skateboard under the adult's supervision; or please place the product where children can't reach.

4. Please abide by local traffic regulations and laws to ride this electric skateboard; please respect other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

5. Please do frequent maintenance checks: before riding makes sure screws are tight and wheels are in good conditions. Do not charge the battery if the board and battery are wet. Please make sure to keep the board in dry conditions before charging.

6. Please do not open the battery or controller cases without direction from Backfire tech support, please do not modify the wiring or controller, please do not install the electric parts from other suppliers to the Backfire electric skateboard, which will terminate the warranty immediately.

Safety Warning for Batteries:  

If you rode on wet ground with a risk of water entering your battery, please remove and check your battery. If there is any evidence of moisture, including water stains, disconnect the battery from your board immediately.

Do not charge or use it!

Keep the battery in a dry and fire resistant place to avoid potential fire risk (such as a sealed bucket outdoors).

Do not keep a potentially water damaged battery indoors.

Do not ship a potentially water damaged battery for service.

Moisture inside a battery pack can cause corrosion and short circuits in electronics such as the BMS, lighting or USB boards.

This may occur in days or weeks after water ingress.

The Li-ion batteries in your pack contain lithium cobalt oxide and organic solvents. These components can self-sustain a fire when a battery subjected to short circuits, excessive heat, and other stresses.