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Backfire Ranger X2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard with 1200W X2 Ultra High Power Ultra High Torque Motors and 12S High Voltage High Efficiency Electronic System


Backfire G3 Plus with Carbon Fiber Deck and Ultra Long Range


Backfire Mini Super Portable Electric Skateboard Best for City Commute


2019 New Backfire G2t with R2 Wireless Remote (OLED Display) and 2.5a Faster Charger with 180 Days Warranty


Backfire G2 Black with Super Power Hobbywing Motors and 96mm Wheels with 180 Days Warranty Especially Suitable for Beginners


Backfire R2x Wireless Remote with OLED Display for Ranger X2 / Mini


Backfire R2 Wireless Remote with OLED Display for Galaxy G2s 5.0 / G2s 6.0 / G2t / Ranger X1


Backfire Electronic G2t Kit for the Upgrade of G2s


Backfire Bigfoot 96mm Gray Wheels with 4 Pcs of Bearings and 2 Spacer Inside for G2t Only


350w Hub Motors with Hub Wheels and Caliber Truck with Off Set Wheels


Backfire 216wh Battery Pack Samsung 30q with Enclosure and Charging Port


Backfire Cannon LED Light


Backfire Electronic Kit for the Upgrade of G2 to G2s


Backfire Longboard Deck with Grip Tape and Wire Inside and Waterproof Rubber Gasket


Backfire T Shirt


Backfire Fast Charger 2.5a