Dear Zealot S2 Owners:

Backfire is notifying you of the special service campaign for Zealot S2 owners. There have been warranty claims of broken truck hangers at the motor mounts. Although the defect rate from warranty claims is around 1%, Backfire feels it is best to replace all suspect truck hangers and motor mounts. The affected Zealot S2 assembly batches have the following Serial numbers:

E1058139-8238 100 Units
E1058269-8368 100 Units
E1059690-9819 130 Units
E1060130-0219 90 Units
E1060020-0049 30 Units
E1060700-0799 100 Units
E1062459-2558 100 Units

What is the problem being addressed?

  • The rear truck hanger may have inconsistent casting resulting in a small risk of cracking at the motor mount.

What will Backfire Boards do?

  • A new improved CNC truck hanger and motor mount will be sent to your current mailing address.
  • Our truck supplier was required to revise their manufacturing process and provide improved quality control and testing to all trucks made after June 2023.

What should you do?

  • Reach out to our support team with your original order number and current mailing address.
  • Replace your existing truck hanger and motor mount with the improved CNC replacement unit.

Where do I ask further questions?

We apologize for the inconvenience of this service campaign. Thank you for your
support of Backfire products.

Backfire Boards

October 07, 2023 — Adi Zhang

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