Wondering which electric skateboard to choose or not sure if Backfire G2T is the best for you?

Watch the full review below about the Backfire G2T electric skateboard from Keith Shillitoe, the former pro skater.

In this video, you will learn everything you should know about this board and see why it is by far the best electric skateboard in its price range.


Backfire G2T

Backfire G2T


Backfire G2t is the 2019 latest upgrade of G2s with brand new rear motors and tires, powerful new wireless remote with OLED display, 2.5A faster charger, 36V 6.0AH battery with Samsung 30Q cells, and many other great improvements.

July 04, 2019 — Randy Jee


Jeanine N. said:

Amazing electric skateboard! Very impressed with the quality and price.

Dariusz said:

More videos like this! It was a pleasure to watch :) Already purchased one :)

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