Backfire Mini

Big news today! We are officially announcing that our powerful and portable electric skateboard Backfire Mini will start a crowdfunding campaign on October 28th at 8:00 AM (PDT)!

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The campaign will be launched on Indiegogo platform and it will last 1 month. During that time there will be many options (so called 'perks') to get the Mini at a special price.

The biggest feature of the Mini is reflected in its name! The most amazing fact about the Mini is that it only weighs 5.8kg, that is an incredible 12.8lbs.

Mini has a great concave deck to give you a planted ride, yet it has a kickable nose and tail, which gives you the freedom to ride in more confined spaces. Curb jumps, transcending steps, tik tak, 180 degree static kick turns are all a doddle.


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October 24, 2019 — Randy Jee


Lan said:

I really love the board

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