2018 Backfire Ranger X1 Silk Road Tour

The Silk Road

The Silk Road is an ancient network of trade routes, it connects the west and the east world. Back to the old times, before people conquer the sea, this trading network are the only way to exchange goods like the silk or tea between the west and the east, that's why it is called the Silk Road! The Silk Road has a history longer than 2000 years! It is not just a trade network, it is also a network of culture and technology. The trade on this road has played a significant role during human history.

The Ranger X1

Ranger X1 is Backfire's first all-terrain electric skateboard, it has 6.5inch all terrain wheels, 22mph top speed, 21miles range.

The Riders

From USA, Youtuber, Electric Skateboard Lover

Drone specialist, Photographer, Electric Skateboard Lover

The Adventure

Our two riders: Daniel and Max will ride Ranger X1 all-terrain electric skateboards and start their journey from Lanzhou(兰州), a major city on the Silk Road in west China, their destination is DunHuang(敦煌), another famous historic town and cultural relic on the Silk Road. They will only ride Ranger X1 all-terrain electric skateboard during the journey. They will also record their journey with photos and videos, and we will post them on this page, stay tuned!

Schedule and Route

From 15th September 2018 to 30th September 2018
Cities: 兰州(Lanzhou) 武威(WuWie) 张掖(ZhangYei) 酒泉(JiuQuan) 敦煌(DunHuang)
Range: ~1400KM

Live On The Road

Day 1

Daniel and Max leave for Lanzhou City from Shanghai on 15 September, after the 1930km flight, they arrived Lanzhou, then went to Wuwei City 400km away.

Day 2

Daniel and Max picked up the two Ranger X1 skateboards at the post office, the boards arrived before them. They did a simple unboxing of the two boards, and were surprised by the new galaxy design of Ranger X1. They will start their journey with the Ranger X1 on the next day!

Day 3 to Day 6

Day 7 to Day 12

More photos and videos coming on the way, stay tuned!