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Jungle God of War



With pneumatic tires and a flexy deck,the Ranger X2 is the

most comfortable electric skateboard

  • Super Flex Composite Deck
  • 165mm Wheels
  • smooth ride
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The most 

Comfortable board

Flex Composite deck design with 165mm airless rubber tires, filtering to 80% of the bumps in your riding, making your long-distance commute comfortable and full of joy

Super Flexible Curved Deck

Deck is an essential part of an electric skateboard, that's why we put significant effort on Ranger X2's deck. It has specially designed curved shape, which fits your feet better and gives your feet extra support when you are riding. And it is super flexible which can greatly reduce vibration when passing poor condition roads, giving you unprecedented comfort, especially suitable for long-distance commuting.

6.5″ All Terrain Wheels with Replaceable Tires

As an all-terrain electric skateboard, Ranger X2 has 6.5inch big wheels, however, to get great riding experience, bigger wheels alone is not enough. That's why we give Ranger X2 airless rubber wheels, it has special honeycomb architecture, and it's independently replaceable. Unlike traditional PU tires used on many skateboards, this special rubber tire has improved friction, it also absorbs shocking during riding.

One smooth ride

Backfire Ranger X2 165mm wheels deliver the highest roll speed and smooth acceleration. . Compared with the large noise of the belt motors, this hub motors of Ranger X2 is very quiet so that you can skate without people staring at you.

  • Eco mode, Sport Mode, Turbo Mode
  • Speed and range unit setting: miles or kilometers
  • Fixed speed road cruise
  • Wheel diameter setting: 83mm 96mm or 165mm
  • Board status display: mode, speed, range, battery, connection etc
  • Backfire exclusive

R2 Wireless Remote with OLED Display

Galaxy G2t now uses R2 wireless remote,this is a brand new wireless remotecontroller, a Backfire exclusive, unlike ourold remotes, this new R2 remote has manywonderful new features: an OLED display toview board status, settings for units andwheel diameters, a new fixed speed roadcruise mode, you really should try this.

New Turbo Mode Added, +20% Acceleration!

New Turbo Mode Added, +20% Acceleration!

Galaxy G2t now introduces a brand new Turbo key, by pressing it, you will enter the Turbo Mode, get 20% more power during acceleration, this extra power lasts for 30 seconds, it also has a 30 seconds cooldown. Trubo mode will not only add more acceleration power, it will also remove the limit on top speed.


With 12S sanyo battery and 1200W x2 hub motors,

the Ranger X2 can take you anywhere

  • 18Miles Range
  • 1200W x 2 drive motors
  • IP65 Water resistant
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18Miles Range

Large cruising range

Ranger X2 features an 12S sanyo battery that will take you up to 26-35km/16-22miles on a single charge. So go wherever you need to go and recharge at the end of the day.

Industry-leading batteries

New Backfire Ranger X2 uses 12S 50.4V electronic system, 12S battery, ESC and motors.

When energy is conserved, it can be converted into different forms. The electric energy generated by the battery will convert, in part, into heat. If one can reduce the heat generated by the battery, the saved energy can be used to generate more power, thus more range.

When the input power remains unchanged, as long as we increase the voltage, we can reduce the current, so as to reduce the heating of the whole system and improve the efficiency. Therefore, the 12S electronic system (voltage is 50.4V when fully charged) is far superior to the 10S electronic system (voltage is 42V when fully charged), which is commonly used in the market.

Hub Motors vs. Belt Driven System

We have formulated a new test for the electric skateboard: Hub Motors versus a Belt Driven System on Sandy terrain.

To our surprise, the belt motor only ran for a few seconds in the sand, before it died, we found the sand that was cast up by the wheel, lodged in the gap between the belt and the synchronous wheel, causing the system to fail.

In the process of e-boarding in the wild, you will encounter various deposits, such as sand, dirt and water. The fully-sealed structure of the Backfire Ranger X2 will never encounter these problems.

Tackle any hill

30% grade hills are steep. But with 1200Wx2 super power hub motors packs enough power to climb them quickly and easily, and descend them confidently, so you can get where you need to go without breaking a sweat.

Fully Water Resistant and Dust Proof Motors

Ranger X2 is a real all-terrain skateboard with water resistant and dust proof mechanism. Major components on the board like the ESC module and the battery modules are covered and protected with special materials, now, you don't need to worry about hurting your board when riding in bad weather.

Linear turns

and Carves

Double Kingpin trucks lets you surfing the road!

  • Double Kingpin Trucks
  • Dropdown concave deck
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Linear turns and Carves

Double Kingpin trucks lets you surfing the road!

Double Kingpin Trucks

Double Kingpin Truck with Great Carving Experience

Many of you may be wondering what would it feel to ride a skateboard with such big wheels? The answer is: it's just like your old ones, if not better. Because Ranger X2 is equipped with double kingpin trucks, minimum turning radius is only 2 meters! Together with the 6.5" wheels, you get all-terrain riding experience without sacrificing maneuverability, it still gives you the same if not better carving experience!

Dropdown concave deck

Concave deck

The Super Flex composite deck makes for a super responsive ride. We took notes from push longboard manufacturing to design a deck that delivers a more refined ride feel, while retaining the flex, vibration absorption, and deep carving by deep concave

Built to last

We build reliable products and stand by them with

local customer service.

  • 180 Days Guarantee
  • Tested for Everything
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Tested by pro skaters

When the prototype comes out, we have several pro skaters test the board, push them to their limits. That’s why they can go thousands (and thousands) of miles 

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2019 New Version Backfire G2 with 5.0 Ah Battery Best Hobbywing ESC Inside and 180 Days Warranty Especially Suitable for Beginners (Now Only Available in Europe)
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2019 New Version Backfire G2 with 5.0 Ah Battery Best Hobbywing ESC Inside and 180 Days Warranty Especially Suitable for Beginners (Now Only Available in Europe)

$499.00 USD

Backfire G2 has been upgraded to Backfire G2 Black with super power Hobbywing motors and 96mm wheels.

  • Wheels: PU Tire Hardness 83A SHRAA 83mm Diameter
  • Truck: Crash Front Truck, New Back Truck sames as on the G2t
  • Motors: 350WX2 In-Hub Motors
  • Top speed: 23.5mph or 38kph
  • Battery: 36V, 5.0Ah
  • Range: 8 to 10 Miles or 13km-17km
  • Independently replaceable tires and motors, low maintenance cost
  • Charging Time: 3.5 hours