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2019 New Backfire G2t with R2 Wireless Remote (OLED Display) and 2.5a Faster Charger with 180 Days Warranty

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Unique Design By Backfire

BACKFIRE is a company that really cares about products, not only features, but also design and details. Every details of the product is carefully designed and manufactured, to make it a unique and special. You can easily tell the difference between a BACKFIRE skateboard and one from other companies. Like its' predecessor G2s, G2t also features a similar unique design.


Unique Design

Super Flexible Curve Deck

Galaxy G2t's Deck is made of 8 layers of Hard Rock Maple. This make it flexible yet solid, forged into slightly curved shape, it absorbs most of the shocking during riding. And with the specially designed concave surface, the board provides great support to your feet when you are riding and turning.


Flexible Curve Deck

Caliber™ II 50-DEGREE Truck

With the world-famous Caliber™ II truck as the front truck, Galaxy G2t now gives you extraordinary carving experience and improved stability in high speed riding. The rear truck is also specially crafted, it is surprisingly sturdy, no risk of breaking.


Caliber™ II Truck

Low Center of Gravity Design

Inspired by sport cars, Galaxy G2t is designed to have a low center of gravity (110mm with 96mm wheels) and a 275mm wide wheel span (compared to Galaxy G2s' 260mm), this provides extra stability, especially during high speed riding, even at the of 38km/h, the board is still very stable. Now high speed riding is easy and comfortable.

* Galaxy G2t also provides four 83mm wheels and Cannon LED light, if you need to ride on rough roads. 


Caliber™ II Truck

Advanced Battery Technology

Galaxy G2t has built-in advanced BMS(Battery Management System), even when battery is fully charged, you can still do a high speed hard braking, without worrying about the huge reverse current from the motors. Every battery cell is carefully fixed and arranged to prevent shocking damage during high speed riding. The battery can continuously output a stable 30A current, gives your board stable and powerful energy. Galaxy G2t now uses Samsung 30Q Battery cells, with a total 6.0Ah capacity, 20% increase compared to Galaxy G2s' 5.0Ah.



New Controllers Module

The motor controller and drive system have been upgraded. With a brand new architecture and new Drive circuits, Galaxy G2t now has a much smoother and linear acceleration and braking performance. The new controller module also has water and dust resistance, making the board more durable and reliable.


G2t Kit

R2 Wireless Remote with OLED Display

Galaxy G2t now uses R2 wireless remote, this is a brand new wireless remote controller, a Backfire exclusive, unlike our old remotes, this new R2 remote has many wonderful new features: an OLED display to view board status, settings for units and wheel diameters, a new fixed speed road cruise mode, you really should try this.

  • Fixed speed road cruise
  • Eco mode, Sport Mode, Turbo Mode
  • Board status display: mode, speed, range, battery, connection etc
  • Speed and range unit setting: miles or kilometers
  • Wheel diameter setting: 83mm 96mm or 165mm
  • Backfire exclusive
OLED Display

New Turbo Mode Added, +20% Acceleration!

Galaxy G2t now introduces a brand new Turbo key, by pressing it, you will enter the Turbo Mode, get 20% more power during acceleration, this extra power lasts for 30 seconds, it also has a 30 seconds cooldown. Trubo mode will not only add more acceleration power, it will also remove the limit on top speed.


Turbo Mode

Unique Hub Motors and Tires

Galaxy G2t is equipped with 2 specially customized In-Hub motors, to have a lower center of gravity, it is designed to be thinner but longer. The motor and the tires are independently replaceable, this gives you more choice of tires, and also radically reduced maintenance cost(you can replace the tires without changing motors). The motor is compatible with both 83mm wheels and 96mm wheels, if you need more torque and faster acceleration or if you do drifting or sliding a lot, choose the smaller 83mm tires, if you want comfortable riding on rocky roads, use the 96mm wheels, they are provided for FREE. The G2t's rear tires now has an internal metal ring, which prevents the vibration during riding.


Hub Motor

Backfire G2t

Backfire G2t


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