Backfire Zealot S Truck Baseplate Replacement Notice

Dear Backfire Customers, 

Since releasing the Zealot S with the new 8-inch trucks, we have received 6 reports of broken truck baseplates on the Zealot S so far on social media. We are taking this case seriously and have been doing quality testing and investigating with our supplier over the past several days. We determined that this is potentially a “massive quality concern” rather than isolated cases. 

We want to send out this notice before further incidents happen. We encourage our Zealot S customers to stop riding the board until replacing the truck baseplates. 

We apologize for the quality control issue and will take the actions below immediately (April 5, 2021 China time):

- We have stopped using the truck baseplate from this supplier for all future Zealot S production.

- We will send replacement baseplates from our Zealot bamboo (the version before Zealot S) truck supplier for all Zealot S customers so far as free replacements starting April 7, 2021 China time. Our support team will contact you if you are a Zealot S customer to confirm shipping address with you by email one by one. 


Q:  Who is impacted by this issue? Does this affect the Zealot bamboo or any other models from Backfire?

A: Only Zealot S customers who had the 8-inch trucks. This case does NOT impact Zealot bamboo, or any other models such as G3, G2, or Ranger. 

Q: What happens if I just recently placed the order for Zealot S, and the package is on the way by sea or air shipping?

A: We will send you replacement truck baseplates as well.

Q: Do I have to change the truck hangers as well?

A: No, the truck hangers do not have any quality issue and was not produced by the same supplier as the baseplates. 

Q: How do I replace the baseplates on the Zealot S?

A: Our team will release an instruction video and send the video link out asap. 

Q: Do I have to replace the truck baseplates on my Zealot S even if I have been riding it for hundreds of miles without issue?

A: Although the issue did not occur for you, and only a few reports were received out of hundreds of customers who have received their boards, we encourage you to replace the truck baseplates asap to avoid the risk. 

Q: Can I cancel the Zealot S order if it has not yet shipped?

A: Yes, if your order has not shipped, please reach out to our support to request cancelation with your order number before shipping.

Q: If I am going to place the order today or later, how do I know if my order of Zealot S has the updated baseplates?

A: Our factory will put a “QC pass” sticker on the new truck baseplates in the next batch of Zealot S production to differentiate these from previous batches.  To further differentiate, for a period of time we will publish the serial numbers of future Zealot S orders with the new truck baseplates later on our official website so you can check the unique serial number on your board to make sure as well. 

We sincerely apologize again for any concerns and inconveniences we brought to you. We at Backfire will do our best to resolve this case as soon as possible.  Please feel free to reach out to our team if you have further questions. 

Best Regards,

Backfire Skateboards

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